Gift 6: Share the Bible and Christian books with a child

Christian books and materials in many countries are considered as dangerous as drugs… or worse! And the need for any Christian literature – especially for children and young people – is tremendous.

Using Open Doors’ covert channels, your gift of just $12 helps translate, print and deliver copies of the Scriptures or Christian books to numerous Central Asian countries.

Gift 6 Option - 5 children's Christian books

$60 shares 5 children’s Christian books

Gift 6 Option - 30 Christian books

$360 shares 30 Christian books – enough for an entire classroom!

Gift 7: Build a better future for a Christian child

Christian children in countries hostile to the gospel are systematically denied education. The government frequently refuses to locate schools in their Christian communities. Authorities also increasingly force children to study Islam, even when their families are Christians.
Your gift of $143 can enable a child to attend a Christian school, and a special gift of $700 helps provide teachers and builds classrooms and other critically needed facilities!

Gift 7 Option - Help build a school

$700 helps build a school for 1,500 children aged between 5 and 14 years old

Gift 8: Provide 1 child with a children’s Bible in Central Asia

In most of the countries in the region there are strict laws about Christian literature and its distribution. It is very risky to get Bibles into this region! But the risk is needed! Anyone who is involved with the translation, production and distribution of Christian literature in the region is running the risk of getting involved in a court case, during which he or she may be fined, or even sentenced to years of imprisonment.

Gift 9: Provide believing teachers for boys and girls for 1 month

Providing children with a Christian-based education with a high standard of trained teachers is crucial for every persecuted community – but a tremendous expense. That’s why Open Doors is training teachers to make a positive Christian contribution to the children they serve and future generations!
Your gift today of $1,948 develops a Christian teacher for a school – and the chance to change thousands of young lives!

Gift 9 Option - Train a Christian teacher for 1 year

$1,948 trains a believing teacher for a year

Gift 10: Provide a safe home for a traumatised child

Many Christian children in Colombia have witnessed and endured violence no child should have to see or know. They are fearful, traumatised… and alone.
Your gift of $120 provides a safe home – and a chance to live their young lives in protective care!

Gift 11: Share Christ in China’s classrooms

Open Doors is seizing opportunities God is providing to bring Christian values to classrooms across China! Our in-country partners are working with local educators to develop Christian educational values, after decades of atheistic teaching.

Your gift of $55 helps leaders at every level provide Christian values in their teaching. A generous $5,500 gift helps make an impact on students, families and whole communities!

Gift 11 Option - Provide regional Christian education support

$5,500 provides regional Christian education support